Buy, rent or lease used Taylor forklift

At Taylor Sudden Service of Texas, we are leaders in material handling equipment. We buy, sell, rent and lease used Taylor forklift trucks and container handlers. Our forklift trucks range in capacity from 16,000 to 125,000 lb. Our used Taylor forklift trucks are sourced from Taylor Machine Works, the biggest names in heavy duty forklifts, renowned for their dependable and reliable quality.

Please browse our current inventory with pricing to buy a used Taylor forklift trucks for your needs. Or call us to place an order.

Why used Taylor forklifts?

Used Taylor forklifts make sense because it means significant cost savings and a wider range of models to choose from. We also offer forklift rental services for all our used Taylor forklifts in stock. This will enable you get the benefit of a Taylor forklift without purchasing it or investing in a brand new forklift.

Taylor forklifts are synonymous with quality and dependability. Used Taylor forklifts are considered indispensable in material handling work. To choose the right forklift for the job you need to know:

  • Purpose
  • Where it is likely to be used
  • Workload
  • Operating surface
  • Type of fuel
  • Your budget

Based on the answers to these questions, we can help you find the right used Taylor forklift for your requirement in and around West Texas and New Mexico.

Since we understand the pain behind downtime, our service team inspects the entire used forklift and other equipment before delivery. Call us for a quote now.

As one of the largest Taylor parts stocking factory stores in North America, we specialize in forklift parts and container handler parts for Taylor forklift trucks. Get in touch with us to buy, sell or rent your used Taylor forklift truck.